We are a law firm based in Invermere and Golden British Columbia. We serve clients throughout the province and assist out-of-province clients with BC legal issues. We discuss our fees upfront and provide flat-rate fees for many of our services so that you will not be surprised by our bills.

We provide personal service and you will not get an automated message when you call. That’s right, you will talk to a real person when you call us! We are environmentally and socially responsible. We provide a healthy work environment, pay above living wages to all our staff, and make significant contributions to non-profit and charitable organizations around Invermere and throughout British Columbia.

Hours of Operation

Our Invermere office is open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 until 17:00.

Our Golden Office is open Tuesday to Friday from 08:30 until 16:30.

Both offices are closed between 12:00 and 13:00 and on all statutory holidays

Buffy Blakley

Buffy is a grizzled veteran of the legal industry. She has been practicing law for almost 30 years and her nasty attitude is proof. Buffy’s practice focuses almost exclusively on family and criminal law. When she isn’t stuck in the office, she is out hiking and canoeing in the Columbia Valley.

Morgan Blakley

Morgan Blakley is a mountaineer and a lawyer. Morgan’s practice focuses on litigation, though he assists clients will all manner of legal work. He spends his free time gallivanting up mountains and down rivers. Morgan has been practicing law since 2012. Before making the mistake of going to law school, Morgan worked in sundry fields including in construction, forestry, oil and gas, and first aid.

Kylie Lavay

Kylie definitely work here, Morgan isn’t sure about that though. Kylie is the resident conveyancer in Golden.  When not in the office, you can usually find her adventuring with friends, knitting hats (maybe she’ll actively sell  them one day) or being bullied by a small fluffy dog.

Derrick Murphy

Derrick Murphy is now the resident lawyer in our Golden office Fairley & Blakley. When it comes to law, Derrick is happy to help with most legal problems and opportunities including real estate, wills, family law, civil litigation, and uncivil litigation. When he’s not prospecting for statutes in the law mines, Derrick can be found hiking in our national parks (at least, we hope we can find him again).

Katelynn O’Neill

Katelynn grew up in Ontario and now calls Invermere home. Katelynn practices in family law, real estate, legacy planning, and business law. Katelynn is the reigning world disc golf champion (almost). Whenever the weather is cooperating, you can expect her to be tossing discs at metal poles out in the middle of nowhere. Katelynn also plays soccer and beats up little kids at the local judo hall.

Ashley Smith

Ashley’s work focuses on corporate, real estate, and estate matters. Ashley spends her free time with her family in the outdoors, but really mostly getting into trouble.

Malcolm Soles

Malcolm is the firm’s newest lawyer. That means he gets to do all the work and receives none of the credit. The old lawyers at the firm really like having him around!

Phyllis Titus

Phyllis is the old person in the Golden office that answers the phone.  In her past life, she did many things like wharfinger, camp cook, and procrastinating. Now in her dotage, her days are filled with keeping the young people in the office in check and reminiscing about the good old days, when it was up hill both ways to school in 10 feet of snow.

Brooke Topic

Brooke Topic is a conveyancer at Columbia Legal. Brooke really likes plants, sometimes she remembers to water them, and well… sometimes she buys new ones. Brooke also has a rescued cat named Garbage, or is it Bandit? In either case, she isn’t dating Angela.  

James Weir

James Weir is Invermere’s office manager – he bosses everyone around and pretends to keep our office afloat. If you ever need to smile, just ask James about lawyers – he loves them! When James isn’t steering the ship, he is usually hiking, reading, or fixing his truck. Not that there is anything wrong with his truck…